AMOUR Executive Chef 後藤 祐輔

AMOUR Executive Chef
後藤 祐輔
Yusuke Goto

1979年5月25日 東京都出身
『ミシュランガイド東京 2013』にて一つ星を獲得。以後7年連続で一つ星を獲得。
In the 2013 Michelin Guide to Tokyo, Amour was awarded 1 star. It took only half a year from the opening and from then Amour has been awarded 1 star for seven years in a row.


オープン僅か半年で『ミシュランガイド東京 2013』にて一つ星を獲得。以後5年連続で一つ星を獲得。
2016年11月 シャンパーニュ騎士団より「シュバリエ・ドヌール」の称号を叙任。
Yusuke’s father is a French chef. That is why there were always cooking books and some rare ingredients surrounding him in his childhood. His father took him to many restaurants and gave him experience of tasting a large variety of cuisine. Through those experience, he started to think to be a chef who can make people impressed. After he graduated from a high school, he entered Tsuji group French culinary institute and moved to a same school located in Lyon, France. He devoted himself to his studies at Au Crocodile that has 3 Michelin star restaurant in Strasboug after graduating from Tsuji.

After he came back to Japan, he started to work at Ginza L’ecrin for 4 years and acquired knowledge and skills under Toru Totoki. He went to France again to brush up his skills and worked at Christian Etienne in Avignon and Relais de la Poste in Magescq. After he came back to Japan, he took part in the start up of Quintessense in Shiroganedai and Otowa restaurant in Utsunomiya. In 2009, he worked as a chef with Kei Kurusu at Ecurer in Nisiazabu. In 2012, he took office as an executive chef at Amour opened at that time in Nisiazabu. In 2013 Michelin guide Tokyo, Amour got 1 Michelin star. It took only a half year from the beginning. Since then, Amour has been keeping the star. In 2016 November, Amour moved to Ebisu. His theme is Japanese French expressing Japanese sensibility and sense based on the skill of French cuisine. He keeps pursuing his one and only world.
AMOUR Manager
 大石 誠

Chef Sommelier
上田 博也
Hiroya Ueda

日本ソムリエ協会 認定
日本酒サービス研究会・酒匠研究連合会(SSI)認定 利酒師
Hiroya Ueda was born November 3rd ,1984. He is from Kashiwazaki-city, Niigata.
Japan Sommelier association certified sommelier
SAKE diploma
SAKE SERVICE INSTITUTE certified kikisake-shi

上京後、(株)ひらまつにてサービスに関わったのち、代官山『ラジュネス』のシェフソムリエ、シンガポールでの日本酒を主体にしたBarの立ち上げ、六本木『THE MOON』にてシェフソムリエ、レストランマネージャーを経験し、2018年9月より『アムール』シェフソムリエ、現在に至る。

He started working at HIRAMATSU after he moved to Tokyo. His first work as a chef sommelier was at laJEUNESSE in Daikanyama. After that, he flied to Singapore for the starting up of a bar that had a variety of SAKE.He decided to go back to Japan and work at THE MOON in Roppongi after he finished starting up the bar. His position was a chef sommelier and a manager.Since September 2018, he has started working at Amour.
His experience is not only French cuisine and alcohol drinks, but also Japanese culture.He especially specializes in Japanese wine, SAKE and Japanese tea.He creates his one and only world with his strengths.