Privacy Policy



Our company recognizes the importance of personal information, therefore we adhere to the following.



Collection of Personal Information

This website may keep customer information in order to provide better service. When we collect any personal information, we will explain the purpose and use in advance, then ask permission in an appropriate manner. It will require you to either cooperate to give us the information or not. Please understand that if you decide to not give us the information, we may not able to offer our services.



Use of Personal Information

In general, we use personal information after a customer agreement. Besides the purpose of collection, we will use only what is necessary.



Personal Information Management

We allocate a manager who manages customers’ personal information on our internal system. We manage customer’s personal information properly and will not disclose it to third parties which we don’t have the customer’s agreement with. However, there may be a case that we must indicate or disclose personal information legally.


当社のウェブサイトで提供する各種情報の正確性につきましては万全を期しておりますが、不正確な記載や誤植を含む場合があります。各種情報は、予告なしに変更または更新される場合がありますが、これらの変更・更新により生じた損害に関しては、当社はいかなる保証も行ないません。また、当ウェブサイトからリンクされているその他のウェブサイトにおける個人情報の取扱い基準や内容については、一切責任を負いません。 上記ウェブサイトへは日本国及び海外からのアクセスが可能ですが、アクセスされたお客さま及び当社はその利用に関して、当個人情報保護に同意し、日本国の法律により拘束される事に同意するものとみなします。


We are very careful about the correctness of a variety of information on our website, but there may be a case that we have an inaccurate description or a printing error. We disclaim any warranty for damage caused by the variety of information that may be changed or updated without notice. We will not bear any responsibility for the handling and the contents of information on a different website which is linked to our website. This website may be accessed in Japan and internationally. Those that use this website agree to the protection of personal information according to the laws of Japan.



Individual Copyright

Reproduction or appropriation of HTML, images, photographs, or design from within this site is prohibited. All contents belong to AMOUR and the content providers.